Up and Coming Adrienne French Exhibition

A Happy New Year to all our valued customers! We’re starting off the New Year with a great exhibition showcasing the talent of Adrienne French, whose body of work combines paintings inspired by walks in the Dales and Moors over the years, and her first trip through the Highlands of Scotland early in 2010.

“The Yorkshire Dales and Moors have always been a source of inspiration to me but I was impressed by scale of the Scottish mountain range and the wildness of the area which inspired me to produce these large scale canvases.” Adrienne concentrates on the structure of the landscape, emphasising texture, shape and colour. The exhibition opens Saturday 5th February and promises to be very popular, Adrienne will also attend in person so come along and meet the artist.

Finally, to celebrate the opening of Adrienne’s exhibit we are giving away £25 worth of gallery vouchers. If you would like the chance to win then send us an email with the word ‘WIN’ at gallery@harrisonlord.co.uk

P.S Remember that we are now on Twitter and Facebook! Why not follow us for the latest gallery updates and special offers.


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