‘City Lights and Country Smiles’ The Barry Pickersgill Exhibition

Starting on March 12th, the Harrison Lord Gallery is hosting an exhibition of new paintings by highly acclaimed artist Barry Pickersgill.


You might struggle to find the connection between a former prime minister, a champion boxer, a major merchant bank and several Yorkshire and England cricketers. The answer lies in the diverse work of Yorkshire artist Barry Pickersgill whose work features in the collections of many well known personalities.


For this new exhibitionat the Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse,  Pickersgill has created 20 paintings in two styles. In the first he is inspired by the atmosphere & character of the cities and towns of Yorkshire. Although he now lives in Wetherby, he describes himself as “A city lad”. “I paint the towns and cities,” he says “and if it’s raining and dark then that’s a bonus”. This is what he has now become known for – urban landscapes with rain, plenty of people and lights which give a stunning effect and instantly attract admirers. His paintings are not just depictions of buildings; they are alive with movement and light.

His Yorkshire roots have led Pickersgill to produce a second style, humorous paintings under the general title of “Dales folk”. He draws on his experience as a cartoonist to produce these tongue-in-cheek depictions of an elderly couple living in the Dales. The first four paintings in this series sold within days. “Art need not always be serious,” he says, “I like to think that pictures that make people smile are just as important as more traditional work.” Gallery owner Steven Lord invited Pickersgill to exhibit in his gallery a couple of years ago and since then he’s has sold almost all the paintings he has produced, including all the “Dales folk”  ones.

Barry Pickersgill has spent his entire working life in arts related industries and at 30 he became freelance artist creating cartoons for “Calendar”, YTV’s local news programme, and worked on a large number of YTV’s drama series in the late 70s and early 80s, including “Harry’s Game”, “The Good Companions”, “Salad Days” and “Raffles” plus other programmes such as “The Tube”, “Winner Takes All”, “321” and “Countdown”.

Later in his career he began creating caricatures of famous people and his commissions include several England cricketers, a champion boxer, a major merchant bank and a former Prime Minister.

Barry will be in the gallery for the opening of the exhibition on Saturday 12th March. The show runs for 4 weeks and is free. For more details contact the gallery on 01484 722462. www.harrisonlord.co.uk



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