‘From Russia With Love’ Larissa Moskaleva Exhibition

Opens Saturday 14th May 2011 at 11.00am

Live Music at 3.00pm

Larissa Moskaleva was both born & educated in Siberia, part of the old Soviet USSR. Leaving her native Siberia for England she settled in the Calder Valley town of Hebden Bridge where she was able to pursue her love of art.

Larissa manages to capture our local scenes through her flamboyant use of vibrant colours, which gives her paintings a magical look. Glowing with a warm romance – reflections and lights of night time scenes feature strongly in her work giving the Calder Valley a new and impressionistic look that has already charmed the local community and has earned her a steady fan base. Yet for her first solo exhibition since landing on British soil, multi-talented Larissa is also regaling us with a wide range of thought provoking and exceptionally painted figurative work.

Her work is both accessible and highly decorative and there is surely something for everyone.

 Lastly, not only do you have a fantastic exhibition to look forward to but we are also providing a live musical number accompaniment on opening day featuring the Theremin, an unusual – and very old – Russian instrument.

(Edit) see the next post for a video of the performance!


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