Julian Mason Opening a Great Success

On Saturday 10th September The Harrison Lord Gallery welcomed highly renowned artist Julian Mason to exhibit his latest work to an admiring audience and ensured an extremely successful opening event.

Julian Mason is an artist whose passion is to truly reflect the unique beauty of the British Isles in his work.  For the last 20 years full time artist Julian has been braving the elements to capture some of the most awe inspiring landscapes in the country.  The exhibition is a culmination of a year’s work that reflects the way each season shapes and defines the landscape.  Although well known for paintings of coastal scenes, the peaks and mountains, Julian has spent the summer in Yorkshire concentrating his eye on how cultivated farmland gives way to rugged hill country.

Julian’s popularity preceded him on the day, and as such induced a fleet of appreciative fans lining up for his latest work, with many already owning up to four of his earlier pieces. Gallery owner Steven Lord described the event as a fantastic way to start our autumn exhibition programme. ‘I have always admired Julian’s work, the way he captures light in his paintings is breathtaking, and it is a real privilege to be able to feature his work in the gallery’

Julian Mason’s exhibition runs until the end of the month when it is followed by Australian born come Yorkshire convert Mark Sofilas, and later in the year local treasure Peter Brook. Full details can be found at www.harrisonlord.co.uk or 01484 722462


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