‘A Good View’ Exhibition Video

Landscape art is quite possibly the most popular genre of art in commercial art galleries today. From impressionists to colourists, literal depiction, or a more abstract form, the evocation of our British backdrop tempt time and time again.
On Saturday 22nd June the Harrison Lord Gallery of Brighouse, West Yorkshire is launching a new exhibition celebrating the northern landscape featuring Leeds artist Mark Sofilas. Mark has made a name for himself in the world of contemporary art since moving to Yorkshire with his young family from Australia. His style is a mix of strong rich colours, an intriguing flattened perspective and quirky humour, and the upcoming exhibition is no exception; “My body of work is a collection of Yorkshire scenes that have left a strong impression on me since moving to the UK 5 years ago.”
Mark has established a firm following as a leading contemporary painter, and his work is in countless galleries across the north as well as selling his work in London. However, for the artist, it is Yorkshire that holds the most creative inspiration; “There are paintings of landscapes that I have visited, such as scenes from the Yorkshire Dales, as well as scenes that I see regularly when driving around, such as Almscliff Craggs. These are some of my favourite views (of which there are many) in Yorkshire and I have chosen them because they show the wonderful contrasts that this county has to offer.”
Mark is producing at least 10 new original paintings for the exhibition, and will be joined by the likes of Neville Fleetwood member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, The impressionistic styling’s of Helen Cassidy, renowned Halifax Watercolourist Paul Talbot Greaves and Emily Mugridge.


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