Wimbledon artist on show in Brighouse


The Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse is currently host to a range of work from Rozanne Bell, the official Wimbledon artist of 2013.

Exhibiting in the prestigious Wimbledon VIP Hospitality lounge, where entry commands up to £4,000, Bell’s work will be viewed by tennis elite and celebrities alike. However, if tennis is not your thing come to Harrison Lord where entry is free and you can see a handpicked selection of the artist’s latest work.

Rozanne was born in Zimbabwe and relocated to the UK in 2002. She has developed a style and a technique which make each and every painting totally unique. Her paintings are the epitome of fun and frivolity, with their bright colours and almost 3D nature.

Having had no formal art schooling, Rozanne cultivated her natural flair and talent that is so evident in her work.

‘We have been exhibiting Rozanne Bell’s work for 3 years now’ said gallery owner Steven Lord, ‘She is by far one of the most popular artist’s in the gallery at the moment and I am delighted that she has been accepted to be the face of Wimbledon art – certainly one to watch’.


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