A Timeless Exhibition…

Follow the light

The unashamed beauty of an exceptionally painted landscape is quite simply; Timeless.


Masters of landscape art such as Constable and Turner are still loved today, and their never fail to entice and envelop. Their techniques infallible, each painting draws you in to a world of nostalgia. Fast forward to the present day and the Harrison Lord Gallery is showing two contemporary artists equally in awe of the surroundings and producing stunning timeless landscape paintings.

The Baxters Field 16x20

Julian Mason’s work endeavours to capture the atmospheric effects of a scene and how the elements influence the landscape. Each painting is the culmination of technical skill mixed with the insatiable desire to invite an equally passionate response from the viewer. Mason’s latest collection is no exception and continues to delight and inspire, with its use of subtle strokes of oil on canvas to convey the essence of the unpredictable rhythm of light and atmosphere on the landscape.  He says “After spending the last year travelling throughout Great Britain the landscape has certainly taught me who is the master and who is its pupil!”

Roaming the moors

Exhibiting alongside Mason is Holmfirth’s Clare Haley; “Before I began painting for this exhibition I came across a recent quote from Californian Art Historian, Jean Stern – ‘Now is the time to restore our dedication to landscape painting… To paint the landscape is one of the most ancient of human endeavours. Landscape is surely the most supreme of art subjects. Nature is always with us and indeed it is within us…. (She) is indeed our mother and we turn to her when we need respite’.”


The quote reinforced Haley’s passion for painting landscapes not commonly seen; those that are a consequence of the forces of nature colliding – momentary darkness, shadows, torrents of rain, light through cloud and how it affects the landscape, “I wanted to capture these moments in time and hope the painting reflects back a feeling of how captivating nature can be and remind us we have no control over her.” Her focus remains in Yorkshire and surrounding areas where the inspiration continues to be unbeatable. The paintings are devoid of any modern day structures “showing maybe only a natural worn pathway, divided field or old roads so appearing timeless…”

Wild light over Haworth Moor

Steven Lord, gallery owner said; “it’s amazing to see the work from these two brilliant artists in an exhibition which has been over a year in the making. Two artists who love the English countryside and respond in different ways Julian mason sets up his easel in the countryside and paints the scenes in front of him whilst Clare works in her studio building up dramatic mountain and cloud scapes. I know this show will be eagerly awaited by keen collectors of the artists work as they are two of the most popular landscape artists in the gallery.”

The exhibition will open on Saturday 14th September and will run for three weeks.


Free Entry

The Harrison Lord Gallery, 5 Bradford Road, Brighouse, West Yorkshire – 01484 722462.

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm


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