Paul Talbot-Greaves and Clare Haley exhibition

Oil painting by Clare Haley

Oil painting by Clare Haley

Watercolour by Paul Talbot-Greaves

Watercolour by Paul Talbot-Greaves

The Harrison Lord Gallery presents an eagerly awaited collaboration between two highly respected local artists. The exhibition opens on the 25th October 2014 and highlights the contrast between Paul Talbot Greaves’ subtle yet evocative watercolour landscapes and the oils of Clare Haley whose dramatic landscapes evoke comparisons with Turner. After last year’s sell out exhibitions, this is a show that you can’t miss! Be the first to get a first look at over 40 brand new original pieces.
For those who don’t already know, Paul Talbot-Greaves is a prolific landscape painter and writer from the North of England. Paul’s work reflects the rugged scenery of the landscape, either in the context of wild places or in the nature of the South Pennine landscape where he lives. Here, he draws inspiration from the remains of the pre-industrial era where crumbling enclosure walls and ancient pastures still survive. It is this or the open mountain and moorland terrain that inspires him to explore the spirit of historical connections using layers of colour, texture, shapes and patterns applied with energy and feeling.
Among his many accolades he was elected as a companion of the International Guild of Artists in 1996 and as an Associate of the British Watercolour Society in 1998. He was made a Professional Associate of the Society for All Artists in 1997 and in 2002 was elected as President of the Halifax Art Society. In 2003 he was made an advisory panellist of the SAA. He also sits on the advisory panel for Artists and Illustrators magazine.
Clare Haley’s landscapes are in a more traditional style using oils painted with a passion not commonly seen. Her dramatic skies and towering hills are painted in oils and have a feel of the great masters such as Turner about them. Clare paints the consequences of the forces of nature colliding – momentary darkness, shadows, torrents of rain, light through cloud and how it affects the landscape, “I wanted to capture these moments in time and hope the painting reflects back a feeling of how captivating nature can be and remind us we have no control over her.” Her focus remains in Yorkshire and surrounding areas where the inspiration continues to be unbeatable. The paintings are devoid of any modern day structures “showing maybe only a natural worn pathway, divided field or old roads so appearing timeless…”


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