Peter Brook Exhibition 2014

FacebookHeader PB2014A major new exhibition of work by Peter Brook, the famous local landscape artist, opens on Saturday December 6th at the Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse.
This exhibition will showcase Peter’s work from the 1970s right up to 2009, the year he died. It features his popular prints as well as very rare originals and signed limited edition prints. This is probably one of the last chances to see such a range of his work as most of his originals and signed prints are now in the hands of private collectors. His work continues to rise in value.
Peter Brook, of course, lived for most of his life in Brighouse and was a well-known figure around the town. Modest though he was and always ready for a chat with people he met on the street, he was in fact one of the UK’s top landscape artists. His work is in the Tate collection in London and many famous film stars own his work.
The Pennines were the inspiration for his paintings and his unique style and characteristic humour have made him a firm favourite over the years.
Steven Lord, proprietor of The Harrison Lord Gallery, said “We are delighted to be able to hold this Peter Brook exhibition. He is still a much loved figure and the response to his work is always exceptional. Also, it’s great to hear people’s stories and reminiscences about him. Many people collect his work and this exhibition offers a rare chance to see a large display of his paintings.”
The free exhibition runs to December 24th. Ring 01484 722462 or see for more details.



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